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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Love Jesus, But I Cuss a Little 

Romans 3:23  For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.  KJV

Recently, I was cruising through social media, making comments and catching up with friends, when I came across a particular post about living a perfect life.  It got my attention. The writer talked about her wonderful little children, how amazing her husband is, she had been to the gym every day for her morning workout and lost 3 pounds, and her presh friends at Bible Study.  I read over it again then came to the conclusion that it was absolutely the funniest fiction post I’d read in a long time.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live a life such as that?  I do give her credit for her positive attitude.  I’ve got great kids, some of the time.  My husband is a hard-working man, but he is a man.  What is a gym?  That’s where the kids go for PE, right?  I found her 3 pounds.  And I love Jesus, but sometimes I cuss a little.  Sometimes I cuss a little TO my presh friends who listen and love me anyway. (Greta).  In other words, this is the real world and I am human.

Don’t be offended because I said I cuss.  In my past, I thought nothing of spewing a line of offensive language.  It was a habit that I had.  Since Jesus came into my life, I’m working on that. It is never ok or excusable to use bad words.  My point is that sometimes I fall back into old ways.  It’s not just language, either.  Satan targets our weakest points and lays traps for us.  The more we try to live for God, the bigger the trap he will set.  We will face obstacles all throughout the day that will cause us to stumble.  But isn’t it wonderful that we serve a forgiving God?  He is so much more powerful that old habits.  He is our rock.  He teaches that if we come to him he will give us rest.  Sometimes we have to crawl wearily onto that rock and just lay there and regroup.

Don't let life push all of your buttons. Honestly, that's not “life”, but Satan. He will use everything in his arsenal to keep you from a balanced life. I have so many days when everything goes wrong. My frustrations build and build until I reach my “cussing” point. But now, instead of falling back into old ways, I'm learning to filter my mouth. I will never live a perfect life on this earth. I will sin and fall short of His glory.  It's not ok, but thankfully, our human actions are covered by His mercy and grace, and for that I am thankful.

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