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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Treading Water ~

Proverbs 14:23  All hard work brings profit but mere talk leads only to being poor.  

This past weekend, I did a Sprint Triathlon in Callaway Gardens.  I was pretty excited to be going.  Halfway through the swim, I got kind of frustrated because, as I was getting kicked and passed and pushed by the other grannies in my wave, I had a strong, clear thought.  I was getting passed and left behind because I had not put in the work to be the first one out of the water.  I “wanted” to be successful, but that’s all.  I “wanted”.  I did not take the time to prepare myself to make it happen.  I still finished the race and had a great time with friends, but it taught me a great life lesson.

She who finishes last….still finishes.  I know that.  But is that what I want for my life?  To just “finish”?  I don’t.  I want to be everything that God designed me to be.  During that swim across the lake with 50 other women my age, a seed was planted in my thoughts.  I can have so many desires in my heart to be better, to do better, to give more, to have more, or whatever.  I can pray and pray and ask God for these things.  I can live my life disappointed that things aren’t happening for me.  I can wait for others to do it for me.  OR, I can do my part to make things happen.  Once God gives us an idea, I think He expects us to do our part and make it happen.  

God, sometimes You have to get my attention in the oddest places;  like in the middle of a lake during a 400 meter swim.  I know that You have a plan and a purpose for every one of our lives, but we can’t just sit here and hope things happen for us.  Thank You for reminding me that I need to do my part.  Swim or drown.  Works for me.  I better get to swimming.

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