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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Picture for Her Mommy ~

Proverbs 3:5  Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;  NIV

I work as a photographer.  Yesterday, I did a newborn session for my neighbor’s brand new granddaughter.  I do these often, but this time, I really needed to pray before the session.  The grandmother had booked the session for her daughter, explaining that the baby’s dad had been tragically murdered by someone he thought was a friend.  The sweet mom is an emotional wreck.  She wanted to use Dad’s motorcycle gear; something he loved.  I wanted to do my best, so I asked for God’s help.

I made this image.  It is good, but it’s not perfect.  I shared it on social media with the Mom’s permission and … went viral.  6.5 MILLION people saw this.  20 THOUSAND people shared it.  130 THOUSAND people LIKED it.  All day long, I was, for lack of a better word, confused and overwhelmed.  What was going on?  It’s sweet, but I’ve sure done better photos.

Then the Mom sent me this:
And I will screenshot the page in a few weeks and I'll print it off for her to show her the WORLD prayed and wept for her and mommy and daddy. That God moved the WORLD for us. That daddy made an impact even after he was gone and that would be his dream. Every prayer from another is one less weight for me to carry.... It's one more piece of peace I have and one less tear I shed.”   Now, I knew why so many people shared it.

God, today, you used me in a mighty way.  You touched so many people with something that came from my camera.  I prayed for a powerful image to give to this Mother and Daughter.  Well done, God…..well done.1.png


  1. 'It is good, but it’s not perfect." I would have to disagree with you, I can't imagine it being any closer to perfection.

  2. What a beautiful and PERFECT shot! May God bring peace and comfort to this mommy and family.

  3. Hi Kim, I saw this beautiful picture on Yahoo and read the story. It is the most perfect photo. It touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Not sad tears. Tears of love for a sweet little daughter of God and her daddy. Together in spirit for a few minutes, what a lovely thought.
    How lucky for you to have been a part of this.
    Take care, Janet W

  4. I too weep, overwhelmed by the gift God gave this woman and her daughter. When I almost died in childbirth, God enveloped me in his overwhelming love, peace and joy--I realized that Jesus really is all there is in the end, and in the end He is so much more than enough. God spoke in one of his inaudible, yet strong impressions to my heart how great his love and care were for my husband and baby girl--that they would be so well taken care of by Him in my absence, that they would even thrive without me. Jesus really is our all in all, especially in our most difficult times. I too pray for this young mother and baby that they would know how deep, how wide, and how overwhelming is the love of Christ for them.