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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Even When You're Weary ~

Jeremiah 31:25  I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint. NIV

In my work as a photographer, I see a lot of new mommies.  The one thing they seem to have in common is they are exhausted.  They are so in love with their little baby, but I remember those days.  

I had a beautiful little 2 year old daughter when my son was born 5 weeks early.  He was a tiny little 5 lbs 5 oz little thing.  He had to be fed every 2 hours because he was so jaundiced.  If my mom and my grandmother hadn’t come to stay with me, I guess we both would have died, because I caught the flu from one of my OB nurses.  I was so thankful for help for that first week.  

He continued to be a fussy little guy.  He didn’t like anybody but me.  My daughter even told their dad one day, “Daddy, he don’t wike you.  When he’s big like me, he will wike you.  Don’t worry.”  Then, when he was 5 weeks old, I broke my foot.  So there I was, snowed in with a 2 year old, a 5 week old, on crutches in a non-weight bearing cast with a baby who cried all….the….time...unless I held him. To say I didn’t enjoy that season of my life would be an understatement.  And I would take it back right now.  

God, I ask you to be with these new mommies in this season of their lives.  Give them strength to make it through the sleepless nights and endless days.  This season won’t last forever and one day they will miss it.  Let them know that they are doing a good job, even when they are exhausted.  You chose them to be a mommy to their little miracle.  You believe in them.  This is such a precious time in their lives.  I pray You remind them of the joy of the season, even in the exhaustion.

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