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Friday, April 8, 2016

Peace and Husbands~

Philippians 4:9  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  NIV

I am a control freak.  I like everything to be the way I want it when I want it and exactly how I want it.  I like order.  I don’t like change. I don’t like last minute.  I don’t like “late”.
If I want the garbage taken out, I want it done right now.  It doesn’t matter that the ballgame is on and it’s the last few seconds of the last quarter and the score is tied.   I end up just taking the damn garbage out myself, and being mad the whole way to the garbage can.  Note to self: Guard my attitude. Women set the tone of their household.  

Sometimes, God puts people in your life to change you, to test you, to build your testimony.  That’s why He gives us husbands and children.  First off, I think anything male has their own internal time clock.  “On time” means “before it’s over”.  My husband thinks helping with the housework involves moving his feet so I can mop under them.  He thinks helping me get ready to go somewhere means sitting in the car with the motor running “to cool it off” while I get everything loaded.  Men are precious.  And I don’t even have enough words to rant about children.  

Letting go of control has been one of the biggest battles in my “Year of the Onion”.  Picking my battles, seeing what is important, and finding humor instead of resentment are a few more.  Waiting.  That is another.  Geez…..I sound like I need to go on Dr. Phil.  I bet my husband would agree!

God, thank You for showing me that the world won’t end if I turn loose of the control a little.  Thank you for teaching me about Your peace.  I love how you are showing me how ridiculous  some of my hangups are.  Guard my heart and my mind, God, when I tend to get frustrated with things that don’t really matter at all.  I pray for my precious husband, too.  I’m sure he needs some of that peace that transcends understanding, too.  After all, he’s married to me.

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